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Why Do You Need an Online Tense Checker?

Whether you are a student or a professional you need to ensure that your writing is spot on to get the right results. Poor grammar and spelling can have a real impact on how your writing is perceived and this is especially true of issues with tense. A good tense checker can ensure that you do not have any problems confusing your past, present and future tenses within your writing. Our free verb tense corrector is simple to use and can ensure that any grammatical issues within your writing are corrected to a high standard.

What Can Our Tense Fixer Improve for You?

There are three tenses that are used within everyday speech and our writing. These need to be used consistently if we are not to confuse our readers. Our tense tester can help you to see when you have inadvertently changed tense, something that is all too easy to do within your writing. It will help you to not only see where you have errors, but also how to correct them. The following tenses are highlighted and corrected by the tool.

Present Tense Checker

The present tense is when we are talking about the here and now as well as actions that can be considered continuous. Examples of present tense could be “Bill is walking towards the door” or “I love to read each and every day”

Past Tense Checker

The past is something that has already happened, this could be something that has just been done or something that was done days, weeks or even years before. Examples of the past tense are “Bill had already walked to the door” or “I had read the Lord of the Rings by the time I was twelve”

Future Tense Verb Checker

The future tense is used to describe things that have still to happen. This can be at any time in the future from a few minutes away to years. Examples of the future tense can be “Bill will walk to the door tomorrow” or “I will read 20 fiction books next year”

This tool will highlight when you have mixed your tenses within the writing allowing you to clearly see what needs to be improved. This allows you to avoid those issues slipping through to confuse your readers. Not only are the issues highlighted, the tool also provides you with some options as to how you can correct those problems. It is up to you if you select the corrections that are suggested, or you can make other changes that may be more in keeping with your own style of writing. Just remember to always recheck your writing again after you make freehand changes.

Is It Really Important to Get the Tense Correct in Your Writing?

It does not matter what the subject is of your writing, confusing the tenses can make it very difficult to understand by your readers. This can lead you to get lower grades if you are a student or far more serious consequences if you are writing in a more professional setting. Imagine a sales pitch that is poorly written, how persuasive would it be if the reader can easily see your errors? Using a free verb tense consistency checker can help you to avoid any problems and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

You need to ensure that your writing will always convey the correct impression. Yet it is so easy to make simple mistakes and overlook them when you proofread your own writing. This is why using a tense checker online is something you should always do. It will take only a few minutes of your time and could avoid problems that are so simple to correct.

How Can You Use Our Tense Shift Checker?

There really is nothing difficult when it comes to using our past or present tense detector. We have made our free tool as simple as possible to use while giving you a full review of your writing. Our tool does not simply check your work for the perfect use of tenses. Our verb corrector is able to highlight and correct a wide range of issues within your writing that could cause you problems. This includes all of the following.


From spelling words incorrectly to confusing similar works such as dessert and desert, our tool will highlight and correct any mistakes in your writing


From the incorrect use of colons and semicolons through to misplaced commas our tool will find any punctuation marks that you may have used incorrectly


The English language has many rules that define how it should be written. While we follow many of them unconsciously there are still times when we get things wrong in our writing

 Our tool checks for hundreds of different rules which can include all the following:

  • Fragments and run on sentences
  • Comma splices
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Double negatives
  • Pronoun errors
  • Subject-verb agreement

How to Use Our Online Tense Checker

Highlight the text that you wish to check: this can be a single sentence, a paragraph, or a whole document.

Paste the text into the box provided: simple use of copy and paste is all that is required to provide the tool with text that needs to be tested.

Press “Start”: the tool will quickly check all your writing to highlight any errors that it discovers within your text. The whole check will take just a few seconds depending on the length of your writing.

Review and make correction: our faulty tense sequence checker will highlight all problems that need work. You can either select the suggestions that the tool makes for correction or you can make alternative changes.

Recheck: after you have finished making your alterations it is best practice to recheck the work to ensure that there are no issues within the changes that you have made.

What Issues Can Our Verb Tense Finder Correct?

A simple grammar tense check such as ours can quickly correct a wide variety of issues within your writing to help you to get the best results. Often, we make mistakes without thinking and can rarely see those mistakes when we read through our own work. Most of us are blind to our own writing mistakes no matter how hard we look. This is why a software tool is so important. Software does not get tired or overlook anything. By using a tool, you can easily find problems that would otherwise slip through. The following are a few examples of mismatched tense use that would otherwise be able to get through to your readers:

Some examples of poor use of the future tense:

“I will give you the job when your studies will be complete.”

While this may look ok at first glance as everything is constructed in the future tense it is not. If the main clause uses a verb in the future tense the subordinate clause’s verb will be in the present tense. So the above sentence should be:

“I will give you the job when your studies are complete.”

Mixing tense use within your writing:

“My instructor really liked to bully me and is always shouting at me to keep up with the others.”

Within the above sentence the verb “to bully” is being used in the past tense whilst the “shouting” is being done in the present tense. To maintain the tenses, it should be:

“My instructor really liked to bully me and was always shouting at me to keep up with the others.”

 When you write, always decide right from the start what tense you will use. While your story may connect with the reader if you draw them along using the present tense, suddenly slipping into past tense could quickly lose them.

What Is the Quickest Way to Correct Your Grammar and Tense Use?

Many people still prefer to read through their own work, often simply skimming through what they have written and hoping that they catch any errors. This is rarely effective, and you will often submit writing that is full of problems that will stand out like a sore thumb to the reader.

While this can be made more effective by a more methodical approach it will take time. Checking through a sentence at a time and considering the construction of each part of your writing piece by piece can help you discover more. But for many this is simply too time consuming.

One of the most effective ways of finding the most common errors in writing is to simply read the work aloud. With the gadgets we have today it is easy to record your work and play it back to yourself. Often incorrect tense use and other grammar problems will be easier to hear than to read. But again, this can take time and you may still miss things that others may see. Asking a friend to proofread your work is also an effective way of improving your writing. However, few of us have friends that are willing or have the time to help us in that manner. Therefore, it is often best to have your grammar tense check completed by a software tool. Software does not get tired, nor will it miss anything. Using our tense checker is free and will quickly find issues that you would otherwise overlook.

Make full use of our free online tense checker to ensure that you always submit writing of the highest standard every time!