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The tense-related issues are one of the major nuisances in any kind of professional writing irrespective of the writing domain whether it is academic, corporate, and scientific, or marketing research. To address the most typical tense-related troubles, our tense checker online free tool is one of the best in the marketplace.

Let’s talk about the unique features, and useful capabilities of our website that will check your present tense in a paper more effectively, and also how to check for tense disagreement in your writings to make sparkle.

The Popularity of Correct Tense Checker

According to the University of Nebraska research information, more than 96% of the people are aware of the online essay tense corrector and other grammar checker tools. The popularity of online editing for past/present tense is getting even more popular in all domains of writers, especially in the students and teachers across the domains. Online tense checker is very popular among:

  • Scientists and researchers
  • Marketers and corporate writers
  • Teachers and students
  • Technical web writers
  • And many others

How Does Tense Converter Online Make Writing Easier?

An online past to present tense converter tool makes writing much easier for the writers through the following support:

tense finder advantages

Top 10 Common Writing Verb Tenses Problems and Their Solutions

The verb tense problems are very irritating for writers as well as for the proofreaders to identify and correct them correctly. The top 10 of those most common problems are explained below.

  1. Irregular verbs issue. The conversion of irregular verbs into their respective forms is one of the big problems in tense-related writing. The regular verbs are changed into past and past participle forms of verbs by adding “ed” at the end of the verb, but irregular verbs have different rules without any strict rule.
    • Example: The past of the verb “Go” is “Went” and the past participle is “Gone”.
    • Solution: You need to remember a few rules and forms of verbs.
  2. Shifting of tenses in a sentence. This is a very common issue for foreign students.
    • Example: I wrote comments in the visitor book at an ancient monument and go upstairs.
    • Solution: The solution is to keep the same tense in the same aspect of the sentence.
  3. Differentiating different aspects of tenses. It is a big problem for the writer to write in what aspect of the tense.
    • Example: I traveled when a spark was seen in the sky.
    • Solution: You need to differentiate the right tense to use. It should be I was traveling.
  4. Confusing present perfect and past simple tense. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by writers because the meaning of both tenses resembles very closely.
    • Example: I finished my work and I have finished my work have almost the same meanings. 
    • Solution: Need a proper understanding of tense aspects and types. 
  5. Changing tense flow in a paragraph. This problem is similar to that of the shifting of tense within a sentence. In this problem, the expression of the entire paragraph is not in the same tense.
    • Example: I was surfing the internet on the plane and the side-by passenger looks at me when I turned to him.
    • Solution: Understand the sentences correctly and develop smooth writing skills.
  6. Confusing present continuous and present perfect continuous tenses. Both of these tenses are almost similar kinds of tense with resembling meanings.
    • Example: I am going to my village. I have been going to my village. The difference between the meanings of those sentences is very minor.
    • Solution: Again, you need to focus minutely to develop a clear understanding of those tenses. 
  7. Double use of future tense in conditional sentences. Conditional sentences are governed by certain rules of using the same tense in a conditional sentence that does not always apply.
    • Examples: I will pick you up when you will reach.
    • Solution: The correct sentence is: I will pick you up when you reach.
  8. Misuse of past perfect tense. Due to unclarity on tense, many people make this mistake extensively.
    • Example: I cooked an old vegetable recipe 5 years back.
    • Solution: The correct version of this should be: I had cooked an old vegetable recipe 5 years back.
  9. Writing flashbacks in past simple tense. Flashbacks of any story written in past are normally described in the past perfect tense but some people make mistakes of using past simple tense.
    • Example: King saw an old man who left his kingdom many years back.
    • Solution: The correct version should be: King saw an old man who had left his kingdom many years back.
  10. Confusing between future continuous and perfect continuous tense. This is a big problem for many writers.
    • Example: She will be driving a car. She will have been driving a car. The correct use of those sentences is a big challenge for novice writers.
    • Solution: Either learn those tenses more precisely or use an online tense finder.

All of the above-mentioned problems can be averted by a professional-level perfect tense checker. You can also use expert editors to get the tense-related issues cleared.

How Do Tenses Become So Easy Through English Tense Checker?

Our past tense finder online tool makes the use of tense so easy for you. You will start understanding this fact when you use it. It makes tense so easy due to the following support:

  • Detects almost all tense-related mistakes and guide you to correct them
  • You start learning through suggestions and their explanations
  • You can also play with the tool in different ways to increase your learning

How Does Our Tense Detector Stand Out from Competitor Tools?

Our tense detector tool stands out from the other competitors due to the following reasons:

  • It is professionally developed through comprehensive details and feedbacks from grammaticians and linguistic experts
  • Fully powered by artificial intelligence for continuous improvement and personalization
  • Supports numerous additional features other than tense-related mistake detection and correction
  • It is free to use without any requirement for payment information
  • Available for round the clock with 99.9999% availability
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world at anytime
  • Offers options for learning

What Can Our Verb Tense Identifier Detect?

Our online verb tense identifier is capable of detecting and suggesting the fixes for the following writing errors:

errors to detect with tense checker online free
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Prepositional phrase misuses
  • Active and passive misuses
  • Wrong usage of tense
  • The right selection of words
  • Detection of plagiarism in text
  • Finding the tone of the text

The use of an online tense converter can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. With these tools, you can quickly and easily identify the correct tense to use in your writing, which can help improve the clarity and readability of your work.

Sure, here’s a list of some of the benefits of using an tense identifier online:

  • Saves time: An online tense converter can help you quickly identify and correct tense errors, which can save you time and effort compared to manually checking your writing.
  • Improves accuracy: By using an online tense converter, you can ensure that your writing is accurate and free from tense-related errors.
  • Enhances clarity: Correctly using tenses in your writing can help make your message clear and easy to understand, and an online tense converter can help you achieve this.
  • Boosts confidence: Knowing that your writing is free from tense errors can help you feel more confident in your abilities as a writer.
  • Facilitates learning: By using an online tense converter, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills over time.
  • Widens vocabulary: Online tense converters often suggest alternative words and phrasing, which can help expand your vocabulary and improve the quality of your writing.
  • Accessible: Online tense converters are often available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them a convenient option for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

If you are looking for an online tool to fix tense mistakes in your text, look nowhere else just start using our online tense corrector to make your writing sparkle!