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The chances of the wrong usage of different types of tenses commonly used in professional writings are large. This issue is even bigger for people with English as a foreign language. Online support for the right use of tenses for a wide range of writers is getting more popular across all domains of industries and academic circles worldwide.

Let’s explore the possibilities and impact of the wrong usage of tenses and answers to common questions regarding tenses and also explore the benefits and features of online tense agreement checker tools.

Wrong Usage of Tenses and Its Impact

According to research conducted on the language qualified EFL students, the present perfect continuous, past perfect, present perfect, and future simple are the top 4 tenses in which the ratio of mistakes committed by the students recorded as 28.73%, 21.83%, 20.68%, and 14.94% respectively. The number of overt mistakes in using the present simple tense was recorded at about 20.37%. 

In professional writings like academic, business, research, and scientific, the use of present simple, present perfect, and past simple is huge. So, the chances of misuse of tenses are huge in any kind of writing. So, it is highly recommended to take special care to identify verb tense and its use more correctly. If proper proofreading for verb tense errors is not done, your writing may end up in a failure.

Tips on How to Check Proper Verb Tense to Avoid Mistakes

Generally speaking, you can avoid tense usage related mistakes in any piece of your writing can be averted by taking extra care and putting intense focus on writing. Consider the following useful tips to avoid tense-related mistakes:

how to avoid tense related errors
  • Always write your piece with full concentration
  • Don’t shift verb tense in a sentence or a paragraph
  • Try to use simple present, past, and present perfect tenses extensively
  • Maintain consistency in using the forms of verbs
  • Avoid confusion within similar-looking tenses
  • Choose the right aspect of major tenses
  • Don’t switch between the tenses in any expression
  • Use conditional sentences as per the given rule.
  • Use our tense corrector tool to convert present tense to past tense online

Frequently Asked Questions on Tense Usage and Tense Identifier

1. How do you keep tenses consistent?

Follow the grammatical rules regarding, conditional sentences, types/aspects of tenses, and continuity of the verb form in a sentence to keep the usage of tenses consistent.   

2. Can you have diverse tenses in the same sentence?

In common sentences based on the forms of tenses, it is not allowed to use diverse tenses in the same sentence. But it can happen in the conditional sentences where a specified combination of two diverse tenses can be used.

3. What the most common verb tenses in academic writing?

The most common verb tenses used in academic writing include present simple, past simple, and present perfect tenses. The share of those tenses is huge as compared to other tenses.

4. What is the easiest tense to write in?

The past simple tense is the easiest one to write and learn. Because it is governed by a very simple rule of using the second form of the verb without any further sub-rules and confusions.

5. What is the most difficult tense in English?

The present perfect tense is considered as the most difficult tense because of its similarity with the past simple and multiple grammatical rules governing its structure.

Advantages of Using Tense Changer Online Tool

Using a tense converter online tool offers numerous advantages to the writer; therefore, many writers extensively run the search string ‘website that edits tense in what I wrote’ on different search engines to find out the right one.

The main advantages of using an active tense writing finder online include:

tense corrector features
  • Saves time. An online tool is fast and instant. You can access it always from anywhere in the world. This saves you a lot of time in correcting your text.
  • Saves money. Our past tense verb checker tool is free to use. You don’t need to pay any price for the basic features. So, you save substantial money to get your text checked.
  • Text quality improvement. Improves the quality of your tense significantly due to the professional-level capabilities of our online tool.
  • Learning benefits. Online tense checker tool offers you the option to learn and improve your writing through corrective suggestions, which are also self-explanatory in terms of grammar rules.
  • Round the clock availability. An online tool is available round the clock; so, you don’t need to wait in a queue at all.

What Issues Can a Tense Finder Detect and Suggest Solutions?

A professional-grade tense finder detects almost all types of misuses related to tenses as well as numerous other writing issues in a text. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Grammatical errors. Grammar errors constitute a huge portion of the writing mistakes in any text. Online tense checker detects those mistakes and suggests corrections instantly.
  • Prepositional phrase mistakes. Prepositional phrase mistakes are very difficult to detect and resolve. Online tense corrector does it more effectively than before. 
  • Plagiarism checking. An online tool is capable of detecting the plagiarized content in your text. You need to solve this issue yourself, but the tool detects it for you.
  • Punctuation and spelling errors. Online tense checker finds spelling as well as punctuation errors and suggests the respective corrections.
  • Active and passive voice conversion. Online tool detects any kinds of active or passive voice error in the writing accurately and also suggests the right solution for it.

How to Use Grammar Tense Checker Online?

Take the following steps to use our online grammar tense checker tool:

  • Start writing directly into the widget on the interface of our online tool OR
  • Copy the text you want to check for tense mistakes
  • Paste the text that you copied for checking into the text field on the tool
  • Run the automated error checking process by hitting the return key on your computer
  • The online tense checker checks the text and underlines the mistakes
  • Click the mistakes underlined by the tool to show correction options
  • Choose the right option to remove the mistake
  • Repeat the above two steps till the entire text is corrected.
  • You got it!

If you are looking for help on the correct usage of tenses in your text, try our tense corrector right away to make your writings professional and error-free now!